Be you!

“We are never the best on anything, that doesn’t mean we should refrain from doing them.”


There are many things we like to do, and refrain ourselves just because we’re pretty sure we’d mess it up… For instance, I know I don’t write that well, yet here I keep writing. I know I suck at public speaking, I mess up most of the times I do that. But I never refrain from it. When people asks me to talk something publicly, I stopped saying a NO. Yep I used to, because I was freaking terrified of messing up in-front of the people.

But I was accidentally (or a choice maybe) placed in situations where I was supposed to speak up something on to public, I couldn’t say a no on the camps. Thanks to the NSS family, where I learned to boldly face the weakness we have. We are all human, and mistakes are human. No one is perfect. Some people do realize that, and a few doesn’t. But why the heck should we give a damn what people think on us?

We were all born to be ourselves, to fill a void that was here before we came into being. So let’s just do the role of being ourselves, be bold, just enjoy the ups and downs of our lives, enjoy with our friends and family…

PS: For all people at the get together who wondered when did I stopped being silent, I guess the credit goes to my NSS family, and some wonderful friends from college, for taking me to worlds I’ve never experienced before…



Do you have anything to add , or any views to express ? Let me hear it from you :)

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