Still alive…


Several times I have wondered what life’s about. What luck’s about. What fate is.

They remain questions still unanswered, and some say life is the journey in search of their answers.

On one defining day, we were taken out, from the womb of our mothers, to the outside world, sun’s rays caressing our skins thereafter. through the rains, through the cold, through the summer’s we’ve been through, a journey with destination already known, still in search of different things- love, security, acceptance, impressions and so on.

But what about it’s meaning? Another question that everyone yearns an answer for. Many of us do believe we’ve a purpose in life. ( Yet I have wondered what was wrong if universe was just a blank, simply existing, zero energy blackness…) We google it, we asks our friends and relatives for it, we read books on them. We perceive people who are happier to have found their purpose here. may be, may be not.  But in due course, let’s hope we all get an answer to this question.

What about luck? Why do some people turn out to be lucky at times? Why do god do an unfair advantage to someone? May be luck and fate balances with each other, the positive and negative, maybe makes it zero. Maybe that’s a fundamental for the universal law, pairs of everything, cancelling out with each other.

Questions still remain unanswered, and I’m going through the life, searching answers. I hope one day I’ll get them. For that, I’m here, still alive…


PS: this title was inspired by the theme song of mirror’s edge (PC game)  Still alive by Lisa Miskovsky. (Thanks for the idea wordpress) Hence the pic of the character’s eye :)


6 thoughts on “Still alive…

  1. This post is very poetic and I feel everyone will find different answers for the same questions and none will be wrong. I really love your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award for Blogging :-)

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