Don’t stop questioning. Never stop seeking.

Question your faith, search your God, look for the source and the meaning of universe and our existence.

And don’t look from your eye, look at it as all of us collective.

Remember that we all are stardust- even the physics says that. We are the source. We are the same.

Trust that our existence is purposeful, and we have the essence of that supreme creator of everything around.

And care about everything and everyone around, wish everything well.

The bigger picture seem more beautiful. Even if our worlds might seem crumbling down, the universe goes on – unbiased. And we are, again to remind you- stardust!

Shine your light.

And keep searching.





24 Jan 2019


Have you ever looked back in life and regretted the choices you took?

I’m really feeling as if I had take a wrong route in life – and traveled it pretty long.

Its not that I’m in a wrong place, but maybe all routes that diverged in life had their flavors – all good in their aspects. But at times when I re evaluate and reflect, I fear that my priorities were wrong.

The worst part is that I was careless to evaluate. I thought life would be easy – maybe it isn’t.

We all re-evaluate when we mess things up. When everything is fine, we enjoy the flow. When things take a turn- we reflect and regret.

I guess this is what people call lessons and tests.

Anyway, life keeps happening – the good and the bad…

And we keep choosing, everywhere when the road keeps diverging.

Rolling out the New Blog!

Hi guys!

So here is it! Mr. Blog number 2!

The title is Victor Alpha Mike.

Feels non sense? Relax, they are just my initials…

The URL is

I’ve published my first post here where I tell what are my intentions or the ‘why’ and ‘what to expect’ from the blog. Mainly I’d be sharing on tips and stuff about my hobbies – mainly guitar and music, then cycling, Calligraphy and flightsims. This blog will remain and I’ll share my personal stuff here throughout, and I’d really appreciate it if you guys could follow my new blog too!

Wish me luck!



New one.

Well, this blog, as I always mention, is about me.

It’s my personal space for unwinding my thought chains. Like the caption says – “purely personal”…

Guess what, I’m thinking in my head about starting another one.

A place to share my stories, from a reader friendly point of view.

The idea is to share stuff on things I like doing – like cycling, music, calligraphy etc. with like minded people to make the things and the writing itself a more enjoyable process.

It’s definitely not going to be a self hosted ad intensive money making blog, but just another WordPress blog. But I do hope it’ll be a change of pace for me too. Hoping for best.