Efforts around.

Blessed are the people who appreciate the efforts that happen around…

I was sitting last day at the bus station waiting for bus which got pretty late. I was just watching the life around. The girls, couples, old people, stray dogs.

I kind of like sitting idle- just sitting.

As i sat, I am watching 2 old men, (mostly workers for doing the same) moving and loading huge packages into an airavat (bus). It seemed pretty heavy, despite the men appearing well built.

They seemed to work well coordinated, putting in boxes one after another.

Maybe it contains an Amazon package you just ordered on an impulse decision without giving much thought .

But there are these people, loading in and out on a daily basis, for just few meters of mouse travel and clicks we made. Then someone who packs it up, the drivers who transport it.

We don’t see the farmers who nurture and water his crops with love. We don’t see the craftman working elegantly with his woodwork- nor a Potter finishing beautifully her pots. We don’t see the risk taken by fisherman fighting the waves and weather…

I take lots of things for granted and no I’m not proud of it. The food in our plates. The nicely packed groceries on the AC showrooms. The dress, the gadgets, the cars…

Every fucking single thing we use and throw.

It’s easy and simple for us to buy and try things one after the other, but we don’t see how it reaches in front of us. (Or where it goes after we throw it away for that matter)

It did touch me that there are people who does things we wouldn’t prefer doing, on a regular basis to make the ends meet. And there’s considerable amount of work and effort put in to make things happen- a darker side which is well hidden from us.

Each of our buying and throwing makes a movement, however small in this place.

Maybe we could look deeper, and be more responsible with our choices.

PS: this includes a confession note too.



I do miss you at times. And those moments are yet, beautiful.

Maybe I’ll get used to this. Maybe not.

A sweet missing is still, a blessing.

Stay blessed Rach.


The comparisons. The proving ground.

I’ve had this habit of reading on zen stuff, and I’ve repeatedly came across the idea of comparisons resulting in the losing of peace.

And yet, I’ve found myself in situations where I try to prove some one else that I do stuff, I own stuff and I am some stuff- so many times…

But I really wish I didn’t care about what others might think and what impression people would have on me…

This will always remain one of my deep desires- to ignore the people ignoring, to stay away from gossips, to show middle finger for hate speech.

I wish I wouldn’t take part in rat races, and I wish I keep finding things that make life more like living; not necessarily what others find as ‘well settled’ and ‘rich’.

So yep, even though it doesn’t work all the time, I’m not gonna quit trying- trying to be okay to be a loser – or a winner; I don’t care.


We’ve got this habit of shaking hands with people in our office. At times when my hands are greasy, I refuse to offer the handshakes politely showing them my hands are not good.

One of my senior colleague there, still holds it lightly, shake it and use to say “it’s okay if your hands are greasy, but this (pointing to my heart) should never be…”

He’s one of the most chill guys around.

Anyways, what’s there in our hearts?

The bitterest moments bring out the best and worst in us.

I’ve been surprised by responses from my side on certain things which would be completely unexpected from my thinking process.

So maybe, even if we believe we have figured it out, got the perfect picture of whom we really are, we should still be expecting surprises.

The insecurities, the untold, the mask. It’s ironic that just like we have masks to put on at different places with different people, there’s kind of same which hides a part of us from us…

I hope we figure it out though- whom we truly are, on the inside.


One of my favorite ironies is the all loving, caring God who doesn’t allow two people to be together in love if they have different faiths…

In the end, if I were to meet a God who plays politics, I would be disappointed…

PS: this is meant to be a generic post on public and not pointed at anyone. Good day ppl!