Not the powerful ones with the cars on asphalt; but like a paper boat, drifting gently with the waves, in water.

Zen says to be like water- to go with the flow. To rise above emotions, to cherish each moment.

But then I’m just human, surrounded by a society that wants you to achieve, work your asses off, white picket fence.

Well right now I’m just drifting- wherever life has put me through. I’m being there. Running without a map, a compass or even directions.

I wonder where life is headed. I’m scared at times. Cuz unknown is scary. Or probably because I’ve been running away from difficult questions all along and finding comfort in simply drifting…

I hope peace stays…

“Between stimulus and response lies a space. In that space lie our freedom and power to choose a response. In our response lies our growth and our happiness.”

~Victor Frankl

Being proud of a Nation.

I’ll just write this post without naming my country, because I don’t think this idea is restricted just to our country, but can be expanded or contracted to other horizons.

I see so many Twitter profiles with our country’s flag. Proud Xian they’ll write bold on their bios.

A term that’s by- hearted since old school days when we take our daily pledge in assemblies.

I’m someone who believes that the borders are drawn by the powerful to remain in power and came up with the systems so rooted to make an ‘us’ vs ‘them’ when we’re talking about humans who breathe and eat and drink and shit pretty much in a similar fashion around the globe. Our needs are same, our functioning is almost, but then we’re divided by the powerful. And we choose to stay divided.

That’s my belief, but it doesn’t hurt a lot to have nations given the international relations are good enough. Anyways I’m diverting away from what I wanted to write.

So all this proud people, who are proud of army personnel whom they don’t even know doing heroic acts, or the satellites and rockets launched and put into orbits by an army of some brilliant mathematicians and engineers and scientists, or the number of atomic weapons their country holds, or whatever crap- OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK AROUND.

How many people do you see begging on the streets? (Leave money I’ve had people asking me for one time’s meal.)

How much waste lay out in the open that stinks and are toxic? (And probably a considerable amount dumped by you?)

How many girls are scared to walk alone somewhere in the night?

The mob lynchings and attacks, on the ground of caste and politics? And also attacks on people for expressing their views – what does freedom of expression mean?

The water crisis that is already there, and projected statistics that seems gloomier- what are we doing about it?

I know you can add to this list, and I need you to pause and reflect on these, plus any other thing you can think of.

What are we proud of, when right in front of our eyes, we have so much shit happening?

What can we do to make things better?

I’m not stating that i don’t do any of these, these are all reflections and introspections, and i don’t have the answers, but then if you’re reading this, in case anything there’s bothering you regarding the system and you’ve got an idea that can make things better, speak up.

If you can think of improvising a small stuff in your local shop, do it. I remember my friend donating dustbins on the nearby shops just to reduce the litter – a small step, but I believe it’s brilliant. (Check this tweet : link)

Let’s make our surroundings better and be proud of what we do to the life around us. And in there, the nation does benefit and you can be proud- that you simply didn’t write ‘proud Xian’, but you’re proud that you’re bringing out the change in your surroundings in a beautiful way.

And also as a take away thought for those with such a bio, think the other way around- can the nation say she’s proud of you? And for the neutral ones – shine your light. Make things around you better. Make the world a better place with your small deeds in ways you can.

PS : coming back to my opening paragraph, we are so proud about so many things – in us and around us; it’s this blind pride that makes us unsee so many flaws around – where our egos don’t want us to accept them. And this same ego will make us stay flawed instead of accepting, learning and getting better. We remain the frog in the well. Let’s be more open, stay humble and be broad enough to notice and change ourselves and our surroundings – for better. (this is a note to self)

Peace guys.

Stay awesome.


Have you ever been bothered with the existential crisis?

The question of “is this all there is” or “days simply going by”?

I have.

And I believe most of us fall prey to this.

Another question : Do you know what you really want to do with your life?

It’s repeated everywhere – find your passion and its derivatives. Convert passion into profession (and everybody starting their YouTube channels and WordPress blogs), follow your heart, quit your job and so on…

I don’t know about you, but most people I have spoken to can’t point out a single ‘passion’ or similar thing.

And when I reflect in life, it was always the excitement of something going to happen that gave colors to life. It was beautiful moments with loved ones and the creative moments with art which was colorful.

But then again, passion?

If we all knew what really made us happy, most of us would have gathered the courage to take the leap.

If there was a dream that made us not sleep, we would have smashed all roadblocks that came along- wise say such is human capacity. Except that we don’t dream.

We are programmed to conform.

Into bullshit.

To do things that doesn’t matter (or screw up the planet).

And maybe, someday we might wake up.

From not dreaming…



It had been long. Pretty long since I opened this app anymore.

Notifications are pretty nil anyways – and isn’t it those notifications that always pulls you back to the 6″ screen? Is it not the notifications tab that makes you reinstall the social media apps that you wanted to get out of?

So here anyways this WordPress doesn’t pull me a lot. Neither do writing.

And I guess breaks are good. From whatever you’re doing. It doesn’t make sense to do the same things over and over making you feel monotonous. Take a break if you feel overwhelmed- you’ll have something new. Maybe it might not be good or even comfortable- but new.

New stuff are awesome- and by stuff I mean experiences. The good the bad the exciting the peaceful the neutral… Everything. I guess experiences are the ones that our souls and hearts search. To experience and learn new things.

I guess the world has become a machine where every one tries to (or are made to) fit into the wheel – ‘become the cog of the wheel’ per se.

World has become more depressing for me apart for some few tinder chats. I’ll be looking for new stuff. I’ll be looking for more meaningful existence.

Maybe one day, if I get, I’ll jot it down here or some book.

But for now I’ll flush the toilet.


– Vishnu.