Amidst the routines, some times these thoughts peek up in me.

… To be okay with life.

To know that everything is going as per plan.

Or to know there’s no plan.

Under the vastness and age of the creation process, where our identity won’t be even visible…

To know I ain’t the center of the universe.

And to be okay, with whatever happens.

To be on the side of righteousness.

To be present every single moment, to savor it…

To appreciate even the tiny bits of life.

To be good, to spread good.

I pray for the wisdom, and courage. 

To be, life.

To learn, Life.

To appreciate and understand, what is…

To do : step out of notifications

Alright I’ve been thinking of myself lately and I realize that I’ve grown more addicted to the notifications – WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress or SoundCloud.

I find myself swiping down from the top of my screen, see there’s nothing new, and swipe up the notification tab with :( face. Many times a day.

The more I look at it, I realize I’m often not completely present. I’m still tied with the joy of a like or a retweet on a post. I like inbound texts. So pretty much it, social media has become a source for a larger portion of expectations for me.

The wise say expectations are cause of the discontent in lives. 

And not just that, I’m worried on what social media is as such. (Generally it is) A platform for most of us to show off, by filtering (or even faking), to feel good about ourselves. 

Do I (or you) really need that?

And how many people who ‘hearts’ our Facebook posts show up at our front doors when we really need them? 

You get the picture.

So I really wish to take a step out, from the social sites a bit, nourish the real friends in life and appreciate the real world around more, and make the social sites mainly an outlet for creativity. And not be bothered by notifications.

But yeah I’ll still be chatting with you ;)

I guess you get the point I was making. I want to filter my activities a bit more, shift my mindset on responses and inbound texts, to appreciate the more meaningful things we have got around.

Less screen time, more life. 



Jan 1st.

2018. A new year.

What has changed? 

Just a calendar page.

The days goes on as it always been. The best part? We get better.

With experiences. 

Cheers to right thoughts, actions and words. To love, sharing and caring.

Hopefully we get to be better than what we were yesterday, every single day. 

God bless! 



The questions we ask…

This is a page from the daily journal of Andrea Briggs, a very active zero waste advocate. She shared this page on her ig one day and this question struck me.

“What are you filling the gaps of your heart with”?

I am not sure whether all of us feel this voids from time to time, but I certainly have these phases in life. 

The answer? 

For me it meant cocooning to myself. Music, books drives. Some sort of temperory fleeing from the emptiness. 

You’d be thinking of things you’d be doing too. Maybe going out on a walk. Going out with friends. Checking off to do lists. We all have different answers.

Well, I was just curious to hear her answer, so I asked her the same.

Her reply?

“Mindfulness and spiritual resilience.”

(I was definitely expecting something good like this and so I wanted to ask her in the first place.)

Definitely a thoughtful answer to the question.

We have the questions we ask and the answers we find.

Some questions are really interesting. Some questions keep us worried and  doubtful but some are really needed to stay focused. Not to falter.

So the thing is, are we asking the right questions to ourselves?

We better do.



PS : you’re definitely gonna find her story more interesting than mine so check out her blog here : bezero